We are Fixing the Bell!

Thanks For Your Support! We have suspended the Bell Tower Fundraiser. Repairs are happening.
We'll be ringing the bell again soon!

Let the Bell Ring!

The Bell Tower Story:

Lee is a tight knit, traditional New England town. We have our farms, we have our school, we have our park, and we have a traditional white steeple church in what many consider to be the town center. Our community has a strong respect for the past, we value our heritage and strive to maintain our historical landmarks for future generations.

The ringing of the church bell is a tradition with deep roots in New England towns. The bell rings to mark celebrations, deaths, calls to worship, and significant milestones, however for some time now, the Lee Church Bell has sadly been silent.

After decades of exposure to New Hampshire weather, the bell tower floor has weathered and softened. This has allowed the bell to shift out of alignment with its supporting brackets, preventing it from being used. A plan has been crafted to repair the floor and realign the bell so that it can ring again.

When the bell would ring, it could be heard for miles throughout Lee. Many folks in the community have reached out to the church, asking why the bell hasn’t been heard. This was especially true during the height of Covid, when the bell could have reminded us that we are all together as it did during the dark days after 9-11.