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Pastor's Notes (October 2011)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:06 PM by Henry McTague
Dearest Friends in Christ,

It is wonderful to be back from my Sabbatical leave. Again, I have to say just how profoundly grateful I am to have had this opportunity. In the day-to-day routine of life in the church, it is not always possible to assess how depleted, spiritually and physically, one becomes. It was not until my leave began that I realized how drained and weary I was. So thank you for the wisdom of offering that time away and for the prudent financial planning that made it possible.

I spent many hours of my Sabbatical working on a personal genealogy project. I took the opportunity to visit with relatives that I had not seen for some time, and really enjoyed having the time to reconnect and share stories. It was a very rich time for me, and although the project is not finished, I have made a good start and am excited to discover relatives not yet encountered. I have learned a lot about my predecessors and am continually amazed about the resources that are available to assist in these endeavors.

Returning to the work of the church has been very good. I feel much more relaxed in my spirit – and would like to stay that way for awhile. More attention to self-care on my part is probably advisable, and being aware is a good first step. I have to say that the leadership of the church functioned extraordinarily well in my absence and I have stepped back into the routine smoothly. That feels good and I am pleased that the needs of the congregation were addressed, and that good care was provided.

On my return to the pulpit, I invited the congregation to focus their energy and attention this year toward gratitude. Every day brings moments of blessing, and opportunities to express gratitude. However, we do not always take the time to say thank you. Over the next 11 months, I encourage you to take time to say or write words of appreciation. Please be mindful of these moments during the week, and we will share them together during the “Gratitude Sharing” time of worship. An attitude of gratitude can transform our lives in unexpected ways. Let us discover together how it might transform our life together as church.


Pastor Gail