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Pastor's Notes (November 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:03 PM by Henry McTague
Dear Friends in Christ,

November is here – the month in which we change the settings on our clocks, remember the loved ones to whom we have said good-bye over the past year, and finally put away the light clothes of summer for the warmth of sweaters and corduroys. November is also a month of blessing, as we gather around the Thanksgiving table of plenty with family and friends, taking time to offer words of prayer to God. Those words of prayer, at least in my home, are often centered on the positive events of the past year. Perhaps your Thanksgiving grace is the same. But it occurs to me that it is actually the challenging events of the past year that have been a place of growth and maturation for me – perhaps that is the same for you as well.

I seldom offer words of appreciation to God for days of struggle, for times of confrontation, for moments of doubt. Who is grateful for conversations that are critical, for arguments that are left unresolved, or for the times when forgiveness and reconciliation are elusive or non-existent? And yet, aren’t those the very times when we are moved to stop and consider, to re-evaluate, and recognize our own piece of accountability?

As people of faith, we know God’s presence at all moments of our lives and, that being the case, God is also with us in the less-than-wonderful times as well. In those un-wonderful times, surely God, through His Holy Spirit, is at work, bringing us new opportunities to learn and grow. The vibrancy in life is found in those occasions when something new is birthed – and we are forever changed.

With thanksgiving in our hearts for all that life brings to us and for this path of discipleship to which we have been called, may we praise God, not only this month, but each and every day.

Wishing you every blessing,

Pastor Gail