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Pastor's Notes (May 2011)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:05 PM by Henry McTague
Dearest Friends in Christ,

Continued Easter blessings to you all. The Good News of the Resurrection is fresh in our minds and hearts, as we move forward into the Easter season and look toward May….and spring at long last!

The dark, long months of winter have been especially difficult this year. Days filled with snowfall seemed endless and it felt as if the darkness would never lift. Less hours of sunlight were a particular burden over the past months and no “January thaw” was sufficient to lift our spirits. But now, we are hopefully moving into warmer weather and certainly longer periods of daylight. The dreary winter months that pulled at our spirits were a reminder of how much the light means to us and how necessary it is for our mental and emotional well-being.

In John’s Gospel, we are told that Jesus’ life was the light of all people, and that his light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome the light. (John 1.5) The darkness of ignorance, the darkness of doubt and despair, the darkness of evil and violence, the darkness of fear and loneliness – all of this darkness threatens to overwhelm us from time to time – and often the winter months are the most challenging. With the gloom of the long months from the conclusion of Christmas to the glory of Easter, we succumb to weariness and our spirits lag. Easter and the glory of Christ’s resurrection provide that much-needed light to brighten our spirits once again, as we see the power and glory of God at work in the miracle of new life in the Resurrected Son. Hope blossoms, joy abounds, and we rejoice at God’s spirit, as it moves within and among us. Jesus is truly the light of the world – the light of truth that will not be denied and the light of joy that cannot be subdued.

The joy of Easter is fresh in our minds; alleluias pour forth from our mouths in exuberant song. Christ is risen, is risen indeed! Praise be to God!

Pastor Gail