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Pastor's Notes (May 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:01 PM by Henry McTague


In one of his last post-resurrection visits with the disciples, Jesus tells Peter that if he truly loves him, he will “feed my lambs”….”tend my sheep”…. “feed my sheep”…. And “follow me.” (John 21.15-19) With these words, Jesus launches the disciples into action – action that will begin to establish a new religious tradition, founded on a new covenant, with love and service as its grounding principles. It has been exciting and inspiring to watch the Missions Committee take these words to heart over the past couple of years, as they have invited and encouraged the faithful of Lee Church Congregational to engage the work of discipleship. By raising our awareness through dissemination of materials, and inviting us to participate in CROP Walk annual events, Heifer International and the Bucket Project, we have been making our small differences around the world. Recently, a workday at Habitat for Humanity in Farmington brought us the opportunity to serve on a local level. And in May, we will have another moment to combine our resources and make a difference to the devastated residents of Haiti. Along with the Bahá'í community in Lee, we will host a concert to benefit the Haitian Health Foundation – a great organization that is making a real difference every day for people whose need is enormous.

I applaud the Missions Committee for their desire and determination to lead us in serving and caring for others. We cannot solve all the world’s problems, but together we can make a difference in small and critical ways. It is the humanitarian thing to do, and it is also the way of discipleship, and we are in the business of creating and nurturing discipleship. For the church is not merely a gathering place for social interaction – although that is enjoyable. The church is a launching pad for transformation, where parents bring their children to learn about a truth greater than themselves, where God is praised for miracles and prayers are raised for consolation and hope, where individuals are inspired to seek out God’s purpose for their lives and strive to follow, where the Word is explored and where the questions often outnumber the answers, where moments of beginnings and endings are shared and celebrated, and where the faithful gather to accomplish together what they cannot accomplish alone.

Ultimately, we are about the work of feeding, tending and following. Together, may we continue to discern where this journey of faith will take us.

Wishing you every blessing,

Pastor Gail