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Pastor's Notes (August 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:02 PM by Henry McTague
Dearest Friends in Christ,

On July 3, 2010, I reached a milestone in my life. That day, I had lived the exact amount of time that my mother had on this earth. There had been a certain amount of anxiety in my heart as I approached that moment, as I wondered how it would feel to be finished with my earthly journey, and certainly I believed that life still held much in store for me. It was odd to look back over the years of my existence and wonder at how quickly time passes and when would I be ready to face my mortality.

During the days that have come and gone since July 3rd, I have been trying to receive each day as a bonus and a blessing, and therefore I have been making an attempt to live each moment to the fullest. I suppose that means that I must praise God for the days of high heat and humidity, which make me wilt and my garden flourish.

This day is a gift that my mother did not have. This day is a gift that I do have – and I want to savor it and rejoice in it. Of all the lessons that I have learned since my mother died, this is probably the most important one for me. We cannot control the difficult times that life will bring our way. Our lives will contain blessing and sorrow, ease and adversity. The one thing that we can control is how we live during those days of blessing, sorrow, ease and adversity. We can wallow in sadness and self-pity, or we can learn from the moments of pain and challenge and move ahead as stronger, wiser people. In the book of Joshua, upon entering the Promised Land, Joshua reminds the Hebrew people that they have a choice as they settle and build homes and communities. He recognizes that there will be foreign gods who will tempt them into false worship and understands that every person will make their own decision. Then he makes his personal statement of faith, “But as for me and my household, we will worship the LORD.” (Joshua 24.15) Well, as for me, on this day I choose joy. May it be so with you, as well.


Pastor Gail