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Pastor's Notes (April 2011)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:05 PM by Henry McTague
Dearest Friends in Christ,

With Easter coming so late this year, we find ourselves just in the middle of Lent, when in previous years the Resurrection would have already occurred. Instead, we are about halfway through our Lenten journey – a journey that will take us to the foot of the cross and then into the glory of the garden and an empty tomb. Lent is a somber time; six weeks spent in self-reflection and, in some case, abstention from something that gives us pleasure that we might somehow participate in the suffering of Jesus. However, the agony of Christ had nothing to do with the deprivation of desserts or between-meal snacks – often a common Lenten practice. For Jesus, the suffering was both emotional and physical. Yes, there was the profound suffering in his body on the cross, but there was also the desertion of the disciples, the denial of Peter, the mockery of the leaders of the Temple, and the betrayal of the people to whom he ministered who called for his death. There was, for Jesus, the isolation of knowing his fate and his inability to find anyone with whom to share his anxiety. As deeply committed as he was to serving God, he also grieved his inability to complete what he had started, for that task would fall to others. Few of us, praise God, will experience the amount of physical and emotional anguish that Jesus bore with dignity and courage, but we pause during the weeks of Lent to consider some of these moments of Jesus’ last days and thank God for the miraculous gift that He gave to us in the Son.

In celebrating the Resurrection, we praise God for the Son who shows us what it means to love – to love God, to love one another, and to love ourselves. On Easter Sunday, we rejoice at the power of God to defeat death, for in that defeat, we know life and that life eternal. In that defeat, we know hope that comes from God – and that hope will not disappoint us.

Wishing you every Easter hope-filled blessing,

Pastor Gail