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November 2016

posted Nov 2, 2016, 8:23 AM by Lee Church

Dearest Friends in Christ,

On December 3, 2017, Lee Church Congregational will celebrate its 150th birthday. This milestone is something that fills us with gratitude and praise to God.  We are fortunate to be a part of this great community and blessed by what we share together – not only in our worship time, but also in our deep relationships of fellowship and friendship.

In anticipation of this great moment in our church’s history, I would like to dedicate each of the 11 months leading up to December 3rd to ways in which our church makes a difference.  The theme for the 2015 Stewardship campaign revolved in part around the question “Who would miss the Lee Church if it wasn’t here?”  Well, we are here and our presence touches many areas in the life of the town as a whole, and the lives of our members and friends in particular.  So I have chosen items of focus for us to consider as we journey during this unique time.

            January – social justice                              July – play and restoration

            February – loving presence                       August – bounty/plenty

            March – discipleship                                   September – joy of reunion

            April – resurrection/new life                       October – new discoveries

            May – nurture and support                         November – gratitude/appreciation

            June – models of grace                              December – celebration/praise

I pray that 2017, and yes, I know that it is only November , will be a year of truly thinking about who we are as church and what is the witness that we bring to our daily and worshiping lives.  Consider this an invitation to think about these monthly opportunities to share your stories and increase our corporate awareness of the places where we truly are making a difference – 150 years worth!

With gratitude for the ministry that we share,

Pastor Gail