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March 2019

posted Mar 1, 2019, 6:50 AM by Lee Church

Dearest Friends in Christ,

            Shortly we will enter the season of Lent, as Ash Wednesday is March 6th this year. The themes for our services of worship will focus on the busyness of our lives and the invitation will be to seek to reconnect with an unhurried God.  This worship series is the latest creation from the Worship Design Studio, which has provided us with some wonderfully meaningful spiritual experiences over the past two years.  I have no doubt that this Lenten time will be the same.

            The weeks of Lent have long been associated with the spiritual practice of abstaining from some activity – a holdover from the penitential nature of the medieval church.  However, Lent does not have to be a time to refrain from chocolates or dessert, but can rather be a positive time in which we take some moments each day to reconnect to the God who loves us and cares for us like no other.  In place of the usual Lenten devotionals, each week you will receive a note containing a brief passage from Scripture and a short prayer.  This can be used daily as a prayer routine designed to create some sacred space in the midst of daily chaos, in order to be still and listen for what God will make known.  The weeks leading up to Easter are the perfect time to search for that place of reconnection and blessing.

            As always, I wish you peace as we enter this most holy season,

                        Pastor Gail