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March 2010

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:00 PM by Henry McTague
Dear Friends,

March is not my favorite month of the year. It is an “in-between” season time, more affectionately known as “mud” season – a term which pretty much sums it up! The snow has long since lost its appeal, and aesthetically it is just plain dirty by now. The weather has been teasing us with some warm days that smell a bit like spring, but we know in our hearts that true spring is still a bit too far away.

However, the basic reason that I dislike March is that it is the month when I said good-bye to both of my parents. As February comes to a close, I find myself revisiting those painful days of 1988 and 2002, when the inevitability of loss settled upon me, never to be removed. I have come to accept what I cannot change, and I celebrate the blessings that each of my parents gave me, but their absence from my life is a fact of sadness that does not go away. I do not expect, or want, this to ever change.

I feel this same sense of inevitable sadness each Ash Wednesday, as I enter the season of Lent. Even knowing that the journey will lead me to Easter joy and resurrection, the stark reality of Good Friday colors the 40 days in between. Indeed, Lent is a pensive time, a reflective time, and a time of fresh recognition of how far I still need to travel on the road toward discipleship. How much longer, O God, before I feel that I have arrived?

Perhaps others experience Lent in a different way, but for this ex-Catholic, the days stretch long before me, filled with reminders that, for followers of Christ, we are always in the process of becoming. For now, that has to be enough. So perhaps, I should re-focus my perspective on Lent. Maybe this year, March can be a month dedicated to:

Becoming more open to God’s Word

Becoming more patient with myself

Becoming more receptive to God’s Will

Becoming more vulnerable to God’s Love

Becoming more appreciative of those who share my journey

Becoming more accepting of God’s Grace

With God, all things are possible. May you also experience that blessing during this holy season of Lent.

Wishing you a meaningful and pensive Lenten journey,

Pastor Gail