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June / July 2019

posted Jun 10, 2019, 6:41 AM by Lee Church
Dearest Friends in Christ,

What an exciting time in the life of Lee Church Congregational, UCC!!  It was wonderful to feel the energy and the joy in the room on May 19th, as we all took a significant step into the future of this church – a future marked, not only by a desire to serve, but also by a passion for extending a welcoming hand of friendship and the affirmation of acceptance to each new and established friend who enters into our sanctuary.  We now have both an inspirational mission statement, and an empowering covenant of how we will be as we move forward in faith.

For some, this was a very easy decision; for others, it was difficult or impossible to accept this covenant.  The challenge, as always in a congregation with diverse religious backgrounds, is to find places of common belief.  It is my prayer that we can continue to share ministry despite our few areas of disagreement.  God, through Christ, calls us to ministries founded on love, mutual respect and honor for the common humanity that we share.  Surely, we agree on this.  And with love to define and guide our journey, we will continue to serve faithfully as the body of Christ.

With pride and love for the journey we share,

Pastor Gail