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January 2010

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:59 PM by Henry McTague

Dearest Friends in Christ,

We find ourselves on the brink of a New Year, and as we look ahead the possibilities of what we can achieve together wait to be discovered. In what ways will God invite us to serve in the days to come? The Missions Committee will challenge us to consider the plight of the hungry in our area, and to examine how we listen to the words of Christ telling us to meet the needs of those who need physical nourishment. At the same time, we cannot forget our commitment to provide spiritual nourishment as well.

We who have plenty, to whom God is exceedingly generous, have the opportunity to reach out and make a difference each and every day.

Perhaps in the months to come, a new and exciting way to serve will become obvious, for surely the Holy Spirit is present among us – guiding us and inspiring us with God’s wisdom and Jesus’ example. The year of 2010 will be a year of continued service to the Beloved Community.

So as this year of 2010 begins, I wish you a time of new promises and fresh dedication to the covenantal bonds of Christian fellowship that we share and treasure. May each of you feel a renewal of energy and enthusiasm for the work that the Christ invites us to accomplish in his name. This is a New Year, a new day, and a continuation of the journey of faith that is ever changing, and yet always the same.


Pastor Gail