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It's all about the cross!

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:59 PM by Henry McTague

“It’s all about the cross!” The Senior Choir sang an anthem a few weeks ago with this title. It is a beautiful and reasonably challenging piece, perfectly chosen for our Lenten journey. The lyrics repeat this one phrase – “It’s all about the cross, and God’s amazing grace, to take us from the fall to a holy place! To seek us in our helpless and fallen state, to find us when we’re lost; it’s all about the cross.” (Ruth Elaine Schram, 2007) As people of faith, we are led time and time again to the foot of the cross, and certainly not just at Easter. We cannot avoid the natural occurrences of life that raise anger, disappointment, regret, frustration, pain, suffering and grief. There is certainly a tendency to shy away from these emotional responses to events, but eventually they enter into our hearts and minds, and take up residence. We find ourselves on Calvary over and over, filled with doubt, fear, anxiety and the desire to run away. And yet, as our eyes fall upon the cross, blood-stained and empty, God’s grace, amazing and strong, reaches out to us, enfolds us, heals us, and leads us gently and surely to the open tomb. We remember joy, we remember forgiveness, and we remember that, in surrendering to God’s will, we gain the peace of salvation. The assurance of our faith is that God accompanies us on our journeys, whether we are wandering in the wilderness, praying in the garden, or bearing the burdens of our own crosses. God’s grace spills over us and pours into us, seeking us when we are lost, welcoming us home when we have drifted away, giving us hope and joy, and the strength to dream. Faith is all about the cross, but not about what happened there, as much as what did not. For God is more powerful than death, more wise than any amount of earthly knowledge, and more forgiving than we can imagine or ever deserve. So the cross is not the end of the path, but instead is the place where the new journey begins, illuminated by grace and mercy, and culminating in joy, peace and love. It’s all about the cross! Praise God!

Wishing you every Easter blessing,

Pastor Gail