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February 2015

posted Aug 19, 2015, 10:35 AM by Henry McTague

Dear Friends in Christ,

During my January letter, I stated my hopes around 2015 being a “Year of Invitation.”  It occurs to me that you probably have questions about what this means and why it is important in the life of this community of faith.  So let me offer some words of explanation and 

In the “good, old days,” people attended church because it was part of their heritage and was encouraged and supported by the culture of the day.  The majority of people were raised in families where church attendance was the “norm.” Most families attended weekly and, in general, Sunday was a day of rest.  Stores were not open and youth sporting events were held exclusively on school nights or Saturdays.  However, over the years, there have been enormous changes in culture which have affected church membership and attendance greatly.  Sunday worship services compete with youth sporting events every week, and come in a distant second.  There are generations of families now who have grown to adulthood with no exposure to church, or who have only heard negative things about religion and religious practice.  Folks have a deep suspicion about organized faith groups, and have little to no 
information about what really takes place within a church community.  The flow of families and individuals through sanctuary doors has slowed down to a trickle, and yet there are still many, many people who have spiritual needs that cry out to be identified and met.

The reality of 2015 is that we cannot rely on people to come to us and discover how wonderful we are.  The onus is on us to show people by our words and actions what it means to be a follower of Christ and to introduce them to the power and blessing of being a part of this community.  And the way to do this is pretty simple – you just talk.  You speak with folks who are already a part of your circle of friends and family, and share how much the church means to you – whether it is the Sunday School program, the Youth Group, the opportunities for serving, our worship services, our choirs, our Bible study, or any other occasion for fellowship and friendship.  You simply begin to share what your faith means to you, and if others show interest, you then invite them to come with you one Sunday to see if this church might be a good place for them.  It is not supposed to be work – it should be fun and joyful – and it is the way in which we spread the Good News and widen the reach of our church family.

Please pray on this with me, and then pray on it some more.  See how God will open your heart and mind to new possibilities, and let us see where this “Year of Invitation” will take us.


Pastor Gail