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February 2014

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:12 PM by Henry McTague

Dearest Friends in Christ,

One of the most meaningful pieces of our life together as a community of faith is our time of worship.  Worship services are unique to each congregation and denomination, even though we share many points of commonality when it comes to issues of faith.  Our statements of faith might be very similar, but the ways in which it is reflected in our services of worship can be vastly different.

At the Lee Church Congregational, as members of the United Church of Christ, we recognize and celebrate Jesus Christ as head of the church, and we confess a Trinitarian theology.  Services are organized around a central theme which is gleaned from the Scriptures of the day.  It is usual for us to hear two selections from the Common Lectionary each week and for the sermon to be focused on one, or both, of these readings. Our intent is to hear the Word of God, open our hearts and minds to what might be revealed during the sharing of Scripture, and to discern together what mission God is calling us to fulfill through the witness of His Son.

In order that congregants and visitors might have a choice in worship style, two services are offered on Sunday mornings – a Praise Service and a Traditional Service.  Although the Scriptures, prayers and sermon are essentially the same in both services, the music and general feel of each service is different.  The Praise Service features contemporary praise music and much of the service is led by the Praise Team;  the Traditional Service features the Senior Choir offering a variety of sacred music, accompanied by organ or piano, and is led by the pastor.  The Junior Choir and both Junior and Senior Handbell Choirs sing and play at both services.

Whether you prefer the Traditional service or the Praise service, the reason for worship is much greater than the format or musical selections.  The reason for worship is to praise God and to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit for our faith journeys.  We gather as people with questions and doubts, with strong beliefs and fledging faith, that our knowledge of God and what He has revealed in the witness of His Son, Jesus, might be increased.  We may be beginners, just starting our journey, or folks who feel more secure and settled in what we believe, but we learn and grow together as children of God.  Worship is one of the vehicles that God uses to transform and mold us.  Indeed, we praise God for the opportunity to gather in the name of His Son, to mature in faith, and to grow as His servant people.


Pastor Gail