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December 2014

posted Aug 19, 2015, 10:33 AM by Henry McTague

Dear Friends in Christ,

“We are waiting, we are waiting…”  These words are the beginning of one of my favorite Advent anthems.  They identify that sense of anticipation that marks the weeks leading up to Christmas, and the celebration once again of the birth of the Savior.  We await the miracle of God-With-Us, as most pregnant women do, by preparing our homes and our hearts for the gift of new life, new promise, new hope.

Our family has welcomed a new member this year –the birth of a baby boy to my son and his wife.   We could barely wait to see his precious face, and to hold and cuddle him.  When I look at him, Benjamin, his father’s eyes look back at me, and in his smile I am reminded of the deep joy that I knew when I cradled his dad in my arms and felt the blessings of new motherhood flood over me.

The birth of the Christ child is all of this, of course.  For in Jesus, the very Word of God was made flesh – the 
image of God revealed for all to see.  He brings us hope and joy, and a reminder of the blessings of God’s abiding love and light in our lives.  Then he grows to adulthood, and his impact on our lives is even greater.  But for now, we wait….we prepare…...and we praise God for the miracle that is his Son.

Wishing you every Christmas blessing,

Pastor Gail