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December 2012

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:09 PM by Henry McTague

Dearest Friends in Christ,

 As we enter into the Advent season, our thoughts often focus on preparation.  We prepare our homes with decorations, we send Christmas cards, shop for those we love, and look forward to the gathering times with friends and family that are a hallmark of the season.  In worship, we sit in a sanctuary that is decorated with candles, wreaths, and assorted Christmas symbols, including the crèche.  During worship, we hear selections from Scripture and sing hymns intended to help us prepare our hearts and minds to receive the wondrous gift of the Christ child.

The question that occurs to me is this:  How do you adequately prepare for the arrival of any child, let alone the infant Jesus.  Yes, there is the accumulation of baby paraphernalia – diapers, clothing, blankets, bottles, assorted toys, monitors, furniture, room decorations, car seats…..the list goes on.  But you are never really prepared for how the birth of a tiny child will turn your world upside down, and change your life into something that you never imagined.  In an instant, priorities change, new identities are formed, and a combined experience of overwhelming love and crippling humility comes upon you.

When we welcome the baby Jesus on Christmas Eve, and when we invite the man Jesus into our hearts, it is the same.  For when we come to know and love Jesus as Savior, as Redeemer, and as God’s most holy Son, our lives are forever changed.  From then on, we are disciples and followers of the Word.  Our priorities shift and are brought more clearly into focus.  We put on a new identity, as a Christian and a believer, and feel that identity redefine our role in the world.  Further, we come to know the wondrous gift of God’s love for us, which moves us to offer God our praise, even as we realize that we have done nothing to deserve this love – it is a gift from the Creator and a blessing for the created.

Advent and Christmas are weeks to be cherished and experienced to the fullest.  That means for some the month will bring joy; for others it will bring sorrow and a renewed sense of loss.  For most of us, it will be a mixture of the two.  Regardless, it is time of promises kept, a time of love remembered, and a time of blessing beyond measure.

Wishing you every blessing of this season,

Pastor Gail