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August 2015

posted Oct 30, 2015, 7:53 AM by Lee Church

Dearest Friends in Christ,

              Gratitude.  It seems like a simple word, really, that signifies thankfulness and appreciation.  However, gratitude seems in many ways to be a much fuller word than that – and not really simple at all.  Although we share words of gratitude each Sunday during worship, it occurs to me that I do not often contribute my words to the conversation.  It might take too much time, for my list is frequently a long one, but that is not a good enough reason to withhold that sharing. So what am I grateful for? 

Presence.  I am grateful for the blessing of faithful presence in worship, at church suppers, at special times of gathering, and at meetings as we gather to do the work of the church.  Community means presence and participation, and the more faces and hands that come to engage Christ’s mission, the better.

Joyful noise.  Whether in the beauty of the music that we create together, the melody of voices raised in conversation and sharing (and sometimes in differences of opinion), or the shrieks and laughter of our children, we are making a joyful noise to the Lord.  Further, we carry this joyful noise into the community as we participate on town committees, as scout and 4-H leaders, as PTO members and families cheering for our children.  It is all joyful noise, and it is good.

Support.  Everyone stands in need of support from time to time, and pastors are no exception.  I am grateful for the many words, cards and acts of support that come my way.  Affirmation is a great place of blessing.  It is also heart-warming to be a witness to the many ways in which congregational members support one another.  The past two years have been filled with much loss and grief, and  stronger bonds of friendship and love have emerged as we have supported one another during difficult times.

Energy.  It takes a lot of energy to engage the work of Christ’s mission in the world, and mission is what the Lee Church is about.  With great enthusiasm, we take up the tasks of the church and extend that work into the community.  We watch the energy of our children as they develop and grow, and begin to dream about new ways of being community.  Often, the seasoned adults (I speak from experience) long for a small injection of that youthful energy.

Love and faithfulness.  This congregation is growing continually as disciples and that growth is based in a loving and faithful response to the presence and love of God in our lives.  We bear witness to this love and faithfulness by the sharing of presence, joyful noise, support and energy.  Our hopes and dreams about what God is creating through us are vibrant and alive, and are the strongest example of what it means to live as Resurrection People.  May God continue to bless others through us. 


Pastor Gail