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April 2019

posted Jun 10, 2019, 6:09 AM by Lee Church
Dearest Friends in Christ,

As I headed out the door for work this morning, the smell of spring was in the air and the hold of the cold winter seemed to be finally broken.  Certainly there will be some colder days that will linger, but the budding trees and the soft smell in the air are indications that we have turned a corner from the bitterness of winter to the sweet promise of spring.

The sweet promise of God is that the joy and hope of a new season is always with us.  No matter what struggles, pain, sadness, despair or loneliness various seasons of our lives will bring our way, there is always hope that awaits us in faith.  It can be hard to feel that hope; that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.  During the weeks of Lent, we are reminded that Jesus turned his face toward Jerusalem, knowing fully what awaited him.  With understanding and courage, he continued the path that opened before him, teaching and encouraging his followers as they walked with him.  Steadily and with great love and compassion, Jesus embraced the tasks for which he was sent to humanity – to cure the sick, comfort the afflicted, embrace the lonely, show compassion to those who were broken and to love with reckless abandon.

Yes, he turned his face toward Jerusalem, knowing what awaited him.  We might think of the acts of betrayal that he experienced in his last hours.  Not only from Judas, but also from the rest of the disciples who abandoned him in their fear – terrified for their own lives.  We might think of the cruelty of Pilate and the Roman guards, the hatred of the Pharisees and the Temple priest, and the apathy of the crowds that came to witness his comeuppance.  However, what truly awaited Jesus in Jerusalem was triumph – the triumph of life over death, and hope over despair, of light over darkness, and of love over death.  That triumph is ours as well, in faith, as we navigate the present and walk into the future with the promises of God that surround us, the image of Christ that goes before us, and the support of the Holy Spirit that journeys with us.  It is a sweet, new season, indeed.

Wishing you peace and blessing in this sacred season,
Pastor Gail