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April 2018

posted Apr 2, 2018, 9:19 AM by Lee Church

Dearest Friends in Christ,

              Spring seems to be a bit elusive this year.  For the first time in several years, the likelihood of the remnants of winter snow waiting to great Easter sunrise would appear to be high.  And yet….and yet, I have tulips bravely pushing their leaves up from the not-quite-yet-thawed ground, and I am reminded of hope that never dies, but which emerges from the dimness of cold and heartbreak to fill our lives with light and joy once again.  Such is the eternal promise of the Resurrection – that from even the most difficult and painful circumstances, the glory of God’s love and hope shine forth and birth new life among us.

The eternal opportunity that awaits us is to open our eyes, ears and hearts to that promise and to believe in it; to truly trust and know that, both in the present and in the future time to come, the joy and love of the Creator are poured out upon us in abundant measure.  To live in the knowledge and acceptance of that joy and love is to be truly blessed.  With that assurance of faith, everything is possible; nothing is impossible.  With that assurance of faith, each day begins as a moment of wonder and possibility; each day ends with gratitude and praise for the blessings that have been received.  With that assurance of faith, relationships are mended, new friendships are embraced, generosity is abundant, and hope colors the world with beauty.  Such is the
eternal promise of the Resurrection.  Praise be to God.

Wishing you warm spring blessings

Pastor Gail