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April 2017

posted Mar 9, 2018, 10:48 AM by Lee Church

Dearest Friends in Christ,

Easter approaches and we are filled with joy and excitement at the hope that this day of celebration provides.  This year the promises of early spring have been
delayed – we look in vain at our snow covered yards, flower beds and vegetable gardens, and yearn for the warm sun to dispel all of these visible signs of the
winter-that-will-not-end, and to lift our spirits.  But fear not, for Easter is near and it is such a joyous day that we will be filled with high spirits, and the Spirit, as we
celebrate the Good News of the Resurrection. For it is belief in the miracle of
Easter morning that is the very bedrock of the Christian faith tradition – it is the majesty and power of God revealed in the new life of the Son.

We think a lot about the gift of new life at this time of the year, and yet is not every day the gift and blessing of new life.  Each day greets us with its possibilities; its possibilities to serve, to bless and to love in the name of the Lord.  We might be tempted to squander these precious moments, but in faith we are reminded of the fragility of this life, as well as the responsibilities that it holds.  Easter helps us to understand that the things of this life are uncertain and shifting; the things of the life to come are certain and solid, as they are reflected in the life of the Son.  That is worth believing in and celebrating with a full and grateful heart.

Wishing you warm Easter blessings,

Pastor Gail