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April 2014

posted Dec 18, 2014, 3:12 PM by Henry McTague

Dearest Friends in Christ,

Easter is less than four weeks away, but a glance out the window confuses me into thinking that it should be Christmas that is approaching.  This is the unpredictability of New England, and I suppose that I should be used to it by now.  My spirit is certainly ready for spring, and I am longing to be outside, relishing the warmth of the sun’s rays and pushing aside the remaining leaves in my gardens as I search for the first signs of new life as my perennials begin to emerge from their winter beds.  After the long, cold winter season, I yearn for the promise and joy of rebirth to be here.  Alas, I will be waiting a bit longer.

During the weeks of Lent, I know that we long for the time of introspection and reflection to come to an end, and for the glory of the Resurrection to be upon us.  The somber themes of Lenten readings and music work together to help us journey toward Jerusalem with Jesus, and although only half-way there, we would like the time of preparation to be over and to be able to move forward, waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna!”  We yearn for the promise and joy of the resurrection to be here.  Alas, we will be waiting a bit longer.

Out of God’s wisdom came the beauty and mystery of the seasons – each with their moments of glory.  Even the slow emergence of spring this year can have its purpose – time to savor quiet moments and another opportunity to join the walk toward the cross…..and to the joy that follows.

Wishing you every Easter blessing,

Pastor Gail