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September 2015 Music & Choirs News

posted Oct 30, 2015, 7:48 AM by Lee Church

Music Committee        

 It’s hard to believe summer is winding down and vacations will be over.  But with that being said, it means all the musical members will be back at work!  Roxanne O’Connor is continuing as Junior and Senior Choir Director, Andrew Lefoley will be Praise Team Director as well as accompanist.  Jane Goodwin will continue as Junior and Senior Bell Director.  Thank you for all the wonderful staff!  We are truly blessed.

 And thank you for all the wonderful music that was provided by various members throughout the summer.  The Music Committee and congregation all reaped their many talents.



   All those who attended the bell program during Vacation Bible School did really well!  My thanks go to Clarissa, Sammie, Wyatt, Talia, Johnhenry, Brady, and Cole.  I really enjoyed working with all of you, and your performance at the final program, after only a half hour each day for four days, was just so cool!!  I was proud of you all!

   Junior Bell Choir will start again on Tuesday, September 15 with a new format.  VBS ringers who would like to continue with bells, and any other beginners, or almost beginners, will start at 6:00 pm.   We are all hoping that there will be even more children, who enjoy the sound of the bells, and can see what fun they are to ring, who will try them out by coming to practice.  The more people, the better the sound! 

   Members of last year’s Junior Bell Choir will join us at 6:30, unless they would like to help the newer ringers learn the basics at 6:00.   That would be really helpful!

   At 6:30 we will practice pieces for all to ring together.  Our experienced ringers will really be needed to help even more, but it will be fun for all! Our first Sunday to ring in church will be in October.

   Senior Bell Choir will start again on Tuesday, October 6 at 7:00 pm.  I am so looking forward to meeting with you all again, and have been choosing music which I hope you will all enjoy.  We,
also, have plenty of room for new members, but anyone interested will get along much faster if they already read music at least a little.  Did any of you play in band or orchestra in school?  That will do it!  I have heard some of you say how much you like the bells in church.  Aren’t you just a little bit tempted to try them?  Please join us October 6 and make our Senior Handbell Choir expand for an even better sound, and even more fun!! 

   It would help a lot in planning the first practices of the season if I know how many to expect in either choir, so please email me at penguinlongy (at) myfairpoint (dot) net, or call me at
603-362-5303 to sign up or to have any questions you may have answered.  I’d be happy to speak with you!

Jane Goodwin, Handbell Director 

Greetings from the choirs! 

We hope you have been enjoying all the summer musicians.  As summer music wraps up, we are excited to get started with choir again!  The first choir rehearsals will be on Thursday, September 10th.  Junior Choir will meet in the sanctuary from 5-6 pm, and Senior Choir will meet in the sanctuary from 7-8:30 pm.  New members are welcome, and no experience is necessary.  We would love to see you there!  Don't hesitate to email Roxanne at roxanneleeoconnor (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions.