What is Heifer? (December 2009)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 12:36 PM by Henry McTague

Each year, your Missions Committee devotes December to raising money for Heifer International. Our church started this tradition with the encouragement of one of our long-time pastors, the Rev.  John Chapman. For 65 years, Heifer has empowered families to self-reliance and independence with gifts of livestock, bees, and tree seedlings; plus training in the proper care for them. With every gift, we help families improve their nutrition, and generate income in sustainable ways. Each family agrees to give one of its animal's offspring to a family in need, thus continuing the "cycle of support."

So, this Holiday Season, please consider giving a "living gift," starting at only $10.00! Each Sunday in December, during Coffee Hour, we will have information on the program; lists of giving options, and "Living Gifts" available for your purchase. There will be Gift Cards for you to notify family and friends of the Living Gifts that have been purchased in their name.

Phyllis White