Missions Notes (November 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 12:46 PM by Henry McTague

The Missions Committee wants to thank everyone who contributed to the successful Neighbors in Need fund drive as well as those who participated in the annual Crop Walk for hunger. Your support of these worthwhile events is appreciated.

In December you will have the opportunity to create hope for many through contributions to the Heifer Project; offered will be “shares” in the cost of animals or plants that are sent to places around the world where such a donation will make a big difference. Imagine what a flock of chickens can contribute to a rural village … an ongoing source of fresh eggs; a way to hatch chicks and pass another flock on to other village families or poultry for dinner. You may purchase whole animals or shares; they make great Christmas gifts when given in a loved ones name.

Our congregation continues its ministry to the UNH community by providing cookies and soup for their meetings. You can help by signing up on the Missions bulletin board.