Missions Notes (May 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 12:42 PM by Henry McTague
The Missions Committee is pleased with the response from the congregation regarding the soup and cookies for Waysmeet. All of the necessary opportunities have been taken for this year. We want to thank all of the soup makers and cookie bakers who made this possible; under the strain of the cleaning of Waysmeet Center it must have been comforting to have the soup and cookie ministry sustained. The coordinator for this portion of the committees work is Janice O’Donnell.

Habitat for Humanity remains an interest of the congregation. As soon as work resumes on the home in Farmington we will be assembling another work crew. Stay tuned for details. The Missions committee, Lee Church musicians and others will be working with the Lee

Baháí community to put on a concert for the Haitian Health Foundation. Details of the concert can be found elsewhere in the Open Door. We hope you will take an opportunity to support the people of Haiti by being a part of this event.

The Missions committee is always interested in hearing from members of the congregation as to the kinds of work and support they would like to see our Church give to others.