Missions Notes (March 2011)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 12:49 PM by Henry McTague
The Missions committee is gearing up for 2011 and has three new members to introduce: Nancy MacLean, Brad Benson and Cristin Benson.  In addition, the committee has elected Phil Sanborn as Chair; Cristin Benson, Secretary; Shawn Banker, Treasurer and Janice O’Donnell; Waysmeet Coordinator.

February’s meeting generated great ideas for social commitments in the coming year.  We hope you enjoyed Missions Sunday on January 30th and look forward to feedback from the congregation.

We continue to support Waysmeet and encourage you to help by making cookies and/or soup!  A sign-up sheet is available on the Missions' bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.

Stay tuned for a schedule of Missions' upcoming events; we look forward to 2011 and hope you can join us in making a difference in our community and around the world!