Missions Notes (February 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 12:39 PM by Henry McTague

When you read this news article, our first Habitat for Humanity work day will be over, as well as Missions Sunday. Thanks to all of the committee members, plus other volunteers, that made both of these days wonderful experiences. I strongly encourage you to complete this year’s Mission Survey. The information that we receive from you will be a tremendous help to the committee, as we make those hard decisions as to who, of so many groups that serve others, should receive our mission’s funds.

Mark your calendar for the CE/Missions annual Potluck Dinner on March 27th. The theme will be “Support of the Military”.

As the snow is coming down today, it is definitely not the end of winter. However, it is nearing the end of my tern on the Missions Committee. It has been a very rewarding experience, being on this committee and being its chair for the past year, working to serve the needs of others.

With thankfulness for our many blessings and with the hope to bring blessings to those in need,

Phyllis White