Missions Committee May

posted Dec 18, 2014, 1:04 PM by Henry McTague

The Missions Co. will again be asking for support for the Chapin Living Waters Foundation  (Bucket Project) during the plant sale.   We will have a bucket kit set up so that you can see just how it works.    The Foundation supports efforts across the globe that support sustainable agriculture through teaching and technology.   Be sure and stop by our booth and support this mission.

The Missions Co. voted at our April meeting to support through sponsorship the efforts at Oyster River Middle School to teach about sharing and supporting your community.  They will be holding a day of caring event in May called Servapalooza where the entire school population will be out in the community doing service work.   We know that this will be a wonderful learning experience for everyone and we are happy to provide support . 

Another Mission opportunity in May is the annual graduation breakfast held at Waysmeet at University of New Hampshire.  Be watching your Sunday Bulletin for further information and if you can bake something we know it will be appreciated by the students.

The Mission Co. will be gathering to support those in the congregation who need help with their spring cleaning chores toward the end of May. If you or someone you know need help, let either someone from the Mission Committee or Pastor Gail know and, we’ll put it on our list for that day. We would love to have anyone who has a few hours and some elbow grease to join us. We’ll post information on the Mission bulletin board and in the Sunday Bulletin.