May 2015

posted Aug 19, 2015, 10:44 AM by Henry McTague

As of March 15th John Brothwell is the chairman of the Missions Committee. Sid White is the representative for Council and Brenda Small will be the fill-in Council representative. Debbie Cayer is the Secretary. We have not appointed a Treasurer. We are working on setting up the Crop Walk for mid-October.

We are making progress on ways to raise more money for Missions and we will be having a meeting the first Wednesday of the month. We have seven committee members and Abby Croot has joined us as the youth representative. Leanne Burke has joined us as well. We are enthusiastic to work with Waysmeet Center in Durham and are exploring options to work with two other groups.

The Missions Committee is looking for more volunteers to help out - the more the merrier in this group! We look forward to a wonderful 2015.