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Diaconate Notes (May 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 1:17 PM by Henry McTague

The season of Lent and Easter is now behind us. For the Diaconate, this was an extremely busy time. Our hope was to make sure that all members of our church family had the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God as well as with each other. One of the ways that Pastor Gail helped us attain this was by offering Communion each of the Sundays during Lent. For many of us, participating in Communion allows us to focus and give thanks to God - for all that God has done and is doing.

Our lives today are so busy, we often find that the simple things around us go unappreciated and get lost in the hustle and bustle. However, the process of participating in Maundy Thursday, and in Communion each Sunday enabled us to pause and give thanks. We are so grateful for the love within our families, including our church family. We are grateful to enjoy warm, sunny days with more coming – how wonderful is it to hear the birds waking in the early morning hours again! We are grateful for the ability to provide for our families as well as those less fortunate. And, as always, we are grateful for the blessings of another day.

The past several weeks have been important for members of the Diaconate as well as for all of us at Lee Church Congregational, and we want to thank Pastor Gail for helping us to strengthen our own relationship with God. As we participated in Communion each week we realized that it is truly our relationship with God that makes us feel whole and fulfilled. Our hope is to carry this forward throughout the year, and not just during Lent. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could consider the things that we are grateful for, and give thanks, throughout the whole year?

With Blessings from the Diaconate,

Mauret Brinser and Dave Townson