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Diaconate Notes (June/July 2010)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 1:17 PM by Henry McTague

From the Diaconate…

This past Sunday, Pastor Gail provided the message of “stop gawking and start talking” in the context of Ascension Day and next week, the first day of Pentecost. In this meditation we were reminded that Jesus did not move straight from his death by crucifixion to the glory of heaven. Instead there was a period of time in between in which Jesus provided assurance to his disciples that he was indeed resurrected and that the Holy Spirit and the Love of God lives within all of us.

Love is sometimes defined as, “caring for the freedom of the other.” For example, as families we love one another in a way that we want members of our family to be happy, equipped and free to enjoy all that life has to offer. This is precisely the vastly greater love that God has in mind for us. God's one concern throughout all the experiences of our life is that we should begin to find our own freedom now and be prepared to enjoy it to the fullest in heaven. Our role then, here on Earth, is to “start talking” and spread this good news to one another through discipleship. According to the Reverend Robert Bow, “…many people view their lives as a series of good and bad events that will ultimately end in death, and with no ultimate meaning. However, with faith, living can be seen as a picture, a model, or a vision of life with a view to our ultimate destiny. All of our experiences in living, the good and the bad, the joys and the sorrows, the excitement and the long weary days, being loved and being hated, are all seen by faith in the vast freedom of heaven. This is what Ascension is all about.”

It is with these parting thoughts in mind that during the coming summer months we ask that you please consider prayerfully how best you can assist and love one another in our Church community and beyond. The blessings it will provide to you in your life are beyond measure.

Yours in Christ,

For the Diaconate

Mauret Brinser & Dave Townson