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Diaconate (January 2011)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 1:19 PM by Henry McTague
We celebrate the New Year and this time of Epiphany with feelings of joy that surely the Magi must have felt as they celebrated the recent birth of Jesus. It is during this time of joyful reflection that we can also be thankful for the many ways we are blessed. We can study Christ’s life, hear His message of love, and follow His example to bring others into the fold.

Although it is hard to imagine the long, warm days of spring and summer ahead (a marvelous snowfall is occurring at this moment), the extended daylight of each new day provides a subtle offering for hope renewed—much the same way Christ offers each of us, through faith, the opportunity for life renewed. What can we do to help strengthen our faith? Consider the possibility of making a “spiritual resolution” for the coming year by helping our church spread the message of Christ’s teachings. Imagine the energy emerging as we provide a united effort with the greater Christian community. Our acts of kindness, prayer, and assistance to others will provide a powerful message of solidarity and instill a sense of joy and hope in others. A wonderful gift indeed!

In the days ahead please contemplate how you can best strengthen your faith and yet make a difference with others. The joy it will bring will be


Yours in Christ,

For the Diaconate

Mauret Brinser and Dave Townson