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Diaconate (February 2011)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 1:20 PM by Henry McTague
It is the month of February, when change abounds at Lee Church Congregational. We come together as a congregation for our annual meetings to discuss the past year and to plan for our future. And, this is the month that our committees are changing – established committee members that have served for three years are leaving and new members are joining to help us to move forward.

In the Diaconate, we say goodbye to four members that have become special to us. Their knowledge and commitment to Lee Church Congregational has helped us in our efforts to support Pastor Gail and our Parishioners. We say a heartfelt “thank you” and goodbye to Nancy MacLean, Jim Myers, Hank McTague and Kristi Atherton. They have been such strong members of our committee and we appreciate all of their efforts this past year.

Although Dave and I are staying on the Diaconate for another year, we will no longer be leading as Co-Chairs. Both Dave and I have enjoyed our time as Co-Chairs and we thank the team and the congregation for allowing us to lead the effort and for all of the support that we received. It has been such a phenomenal year – we have had a great team and have helped build a group that is interactive, supportive and not afraid to ask why, and what about trying this? It has been a rewarding experience.

Now it is time to pass the torch and we look forward to supporting the new chairs. You will hear more about the new Co-Chairs and the slate of officers for the coming year in the next Open Door. You will also hear about the new members of the team and who will comprise the Diaconate for 2011. Until then, please be assured that with the pending changes, we will also work hard to maintain consistency for the congregation.

With Blessing,

Mauret Brinser and Dave Townson