September 2016

posted Aug 26, 2016, 11:13 AM by Lee Church

The summer of 2016 for this stay-at-home mom found me away from home quite a bit. Honored by the support provided by our church family, all 3 of my children had the opportunity to attend summer camp at our UCC Horton Center. I was lucky enough to spend a few days there with my youngest 2, taking in the beautiful scenery, playing games, and experiencing the relaxed and enriching worship inspired by this God-filled sanctuary at the top of Pine Mountain. The middle of July brought me to Oceanside, NY on Long Island with 20 of our LCC teens and 4 dedicated adult leaders to help the community continue their recovery from the damage of Hurricane Sandy. Our youth put siding on a house, stained decks, landscaped 3 properties, and truly spread the joy of serving others for God throughout their adventure in New York. We were repeatedly greeted with grateful smiles, hugs, and warm conversations from those who witnessed the delight with which our youth do God’s work together. We look forward to sharing more of our mission experience with you soon. I am blessed to have this time with my family to step outside our usual schedule and experience life in new ways that refresh, revive, and reinforce God’s love for us.

 Once again we would like to invite students of all ages and local educators to join us at the beginning of our 9:30 service on August 28th for a backpack blessing. We will take a few minutes to affirm our support of them as they return to school and remind them that God will be there with them for their new adventures and challenges. Please encourage kids to come with their school bags to provide them with a physical reminder of their jobs as students. Educators, whether you work in a local public school, drive our students in a bus, or work at UNH, we’d also like to help you start the year with a blessing from our congregation. We will host a special Sunday school class for the remainder of the service. I’m really looking forward to continuing this new fall tradition at Lee Church.

 Our regular Sunday school classes will resume on Heritage Sunday on September 18. We will distribute new Bibles to our 3rd grade students, older students who have not yet received their Bibles, and Confirmation Bibles on Sunday, September 25th. Our middle school class has their first mission project assigned. I could use the assistance of adults with computer experience and organization talents to support them in this task and could easily be a short time commitment to our program. Once again our classes will be reading the same scripture as the congregation reads during their services. Our lessons will be as creative and personalized as the size of my Sunday school staff allows. The more teachers I have, the more options we can provide to our students. If you are interested in giving any of your time to our Sunday school program as a teacher, substitute, or to provide administrative support, please contact me or Krista Butts.

 You may have noticed the jubilant sounds of much younger children in our pews lately. Would you like to spend one Sunday a month snuggling and playing with the toddlers and infants of our congregation who aren’t quite ready for Sunday school classes? Our nursery room is well-equipped with new toys, a changing table, and its very own sink to make caring for our youngest children much easier. Please contact me if you’d like to volunteer to help out during our 8:30 or 10:30 services or would be willing to take on the responsibility of scheduling our volunteers as nursery coordinator. Making our church a welcome spot for our youngest family members opens up a whole new world for our congregation.

 I’m looking forward to what this new school year has in store for our Christian Education programs at Lee Church Congregational. Please keep an eye out for how you can get involved in this lively, growing ministry!


Blessings ahead, 

Jill Paré
Director of Christian Education


August 28 @9:30 service--Backpack Blessing for students and educators from our community

Sunday, September 18@8:30 and 10:30 services--Sunday school classes resume & dedicate Sunday school staff

Sunday, September 25@8:30 and 10:30 distribute 3rd grade Bibles and Confirmation Bibles