September 2013

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:48 PM by Henry McTague


Jennifer Bennett, Director of Youth Ministry

Email: psalm19.14a (at) gmail( dot) com

Ph.: 603-479-5740

Save the Date!

Christian Education will be sponsoring an ice cream social on September 14, 2013 from 6:30-8 to kick-off the Sunday school program! This is an opportunity for children and parents to see the classrooms, meet their teachers, talk to the Director of Youth Ministry, sign up for other youth activities, fill out registration forms, ask questions, and enjoy a fun treat! We hope you can join us for this fun event!

Sunday school starts on September 15, 2013! We offer Sunday school for grades K-8 at both services and 9-12 at the 8:30 service. Each Sunday brings a new lesson from the Bible. We currently use Grow, Proclaim, Serve as a curriculum.


Every month we will share what Scriptures will be the focus for the week. This month the topics for grades K-8 will be:

September 15: 1Samuel 3:1-10 Samuel

September 22: 1 Samuel 7:2-17   Samuel

September 29: 1 Samuel 8:1-22; 10:17-24 Samuel & Saul

Grades 9-12 use a different curriculum. We offer Claim the Life! They will be studying the following topics:

September 15: Promise; Hebrews 6:13-18, 10:23

September 22: Relationship; Romans 8:12-17

September 29: Belonging; 1 Corinth 7:22-24

Mission trip opportunity! Youth in grades 9-12 are invited to attend a mission trip next summer. A parent/ youth planning meeting is scheduled for: September 8, 2013 11:30 am in the Youth Group Room. We would love to see you there! If you have questions before the meeting please feel free to email me or text/ call me  (see contact info above)

Youth Group will be starting up again this year! We offer an opportunity to bring the youth of Lee Church together spiritually and socially. This group is for youth in grades 6-12. We will have our first meeting on September 21, 2013. We plan on meeting two times a month at church and then have a fun activity/ mission activity every other month.

A calendar of planned activities can be found on the church website: under Christian Education. We hope to see your son or daughter at our first meeting!! P.S- have them bring a friend!

Teaching is a rewarding way to share your faith. We are always welcoming new people to teach our children! If you feel called to teach, either as a substitute or as a teacher, please see Jennifer Bennett to find out more. All gifts and levels are welcome! If you feel more comfortable working with existing teachers we are willing to have you shadow another teacher to get to know the children and learn about the curriculum. Currently the following people have volunteered to teach Sunday school:

8:30 service

Pre-school-K: Kirsten Berthiaume

1-2: Katherine Moore

3-5: Jill Pare

6-8: Linda Martin

9-12: Krista Butts, Jennifer Bennett

10:30 service

k-2: Kris Tonkin

3-5: Courtney Dionne

6-8: Judy Belanger

Child safety is a priority at Lee Church! In order to work with youth through the Sunday school or youth group we need to have a minimum of 2 child safety certified adults present.

Nursery is available for babies to preschool at the 10:30 service. We are open to offering this at the 8:30 service when we see the need. If you are interested in volunteering in the nursery please see Jennifer Bennett.

Attendance counts! Every year we award book gift certificates to children who have great attendance in Sunday school. If you visit another church, that counts too, we just need a copy of the bulletin as proof. Thank you to those families who make church attendance an important part of your child’s spiritual development!

Secret Pals Reveal will be on Sunday September 29th. Make sure you come to the birthday celebration between services to meet your secret pal and talk about your summer!