October 2018

posted Nov 2, 2018, 9:51 AM by Lee Church

Sunday School News


This year our classes will create multi-faceted projects that support their learning in Sunday school. We will continue to use the same themes and scripture that the congregation examines in the sanctuary. Most  students understand biblical messages more thoroughly when we relate them to their personal lives in our modern world. Hands-on projects will allow them to interact with the lessons in active, multi-sensory ways.


Since our youth are heavily committed outside our congregations, the projects will also help provide more continuity for those who can’t attend regularly.  We will structure activities that allow for multi-age groups to work together, utilizing their strengths and stretching their comfort zones. I am hoping this encourages more interactions among the various ages of our students. Yes, our older students may take some time to adapt to this approach, but our numbers and space require this format. Their experience, knowledge, and perspective will be wonderful for our younger students. As classroom leaders, the older students will gain stronger comprehension and confidence with their own spiritual journey. With open minds, I see potential for some very enriching experiences and relationships.


This fall our theme comes from the song, I Will Be With You. Sunday school classes will use key lyrics from the song to examine prayer. We will learn about different ways to pray. We will learn to pray about several specific topics of concern or praise. Students will help create prayer stations that we will use together as a congregation. We have also transformed our bulletin board into a prayer wall where all of us can share prayers with one another over the next few months.


A prayer station is an interactive way for us to speak with God. Most of the stations our classes create will focus on a particular topic type of prayer. Our first prayer station focuses on praying for the sick. While praying, one may be asked to look at images, listen to a song, or physically add an item to the prayer station. I believe they will provide important reminders to us that prayer does not require eloquent language or kneeling posture. God simply wants us to interact with him and build a relationship with him that fits us personally.


We hope you discover some new ways to communicate with God and take a few moments to talk with our students about the experiences they have created for us.

Please contact me or Judy Belanger if you can help support our teaching staff. We have lost some long-time instructors this year. Even once or twice a month will be a huge help. I am now doing much of the instruction, but do need more adults to support our numbers.It will be wonderful for our young people to witness our prayer wall fill up with prayers each time they step into fellowship hall. Let’s share our love of Jesus as a community that prays together.



Jill Paré, Director of Christian Education