October 2015

posted Oct 30, 2015, 7:30 AM by Lee Church

We have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with so much of our church family as Sunday school is back in session. Our classes have been filled with returning students from preschool up through high school. I hope you take a few moments to check out the blessings they shared on our bulletin board, a simple way for us to share how God has touched our lives in so many ways. Our youth have had a great time sharing their summer adventures with one another and continue to strengthen their friendships. We will continue to learn more about the Gospel of John in our classes and will share as much of our investigations with you as we can. 

I would like to take a few moments to thank our current Sunday school staff who have the opportunity to explore the lessons with our youth every week. Larry Kindberg has decided to join Gilles Dionne instructing our high school classes. You will find their teaching schedule posted on classroom 3 and on our CE bulletin board as soon as they have settled their rotation. We are also happy to welcome Katherine Moore back to teaching the elementary class and Kirsten Berthiaume has stepped up to teach our middle school class for our 8:30 service. Courtney Dionne is currently teaching both the elementary and middle school students who attend our 10:30 service and Judy Belanger will return later in October to help with those classes as well. Stephanie Beck, Tom Landry, and Suzanne Gaeb have offered their occasional assistance as substitutes or extra adult hands when needed. Please consider adding your name to this incredible teaching staff to keep our class sizes down. Developmentally, it would be best to keep the elementary and middle school classes separate, but we can’t do that without enough classroom teachers. While you may miss some of Pastor Gail’s sermons covering the book of John, you will get to see the Gospel through the eyes of our youth, a perspective I’ve come to deeply appreciate. 

While our youngest members are taking a slow return to services, we are building a great nursery staff to take good care of them during our church services. Gloria Quigley, Darlene Bernier, Kim Rydzewski, Amy Avery and her son, Matthew, have offered to help cover our nursery when needed. They are available for our 10:30 service, but we could use some help for our 8:30 service. If you are able to make yourself available for a week or two a month, please let me know. Your offer will help make our youngest families feel more welcome in our congregation. 

Our youth group spent a beautiful afternoon at Jim and Hillary Meyer’s home for a pool party last month to celebrate the end of summer together. We are so grateful for their hospitality and constant mentoring support of our youth. On October 3rd the youth group will meander through Coppal House Farm’s corn maze followed by a fabulous bonfire and dinner at Jim and Marianne Banks’ home. We are so lucky to have them host us for this favorite fall event once again. Our new 6th graders will be joining us at this event as they become full­fledged members and take step into another great year with us. We’ll be filling each month with a service project, a fundraiser, and a fun event, so if you have any great ideas for our 12­-18 year olds, we’d love to have your input. We would love to try something new! 


Jill Paré Director of Christian Education