November 2018

posted Nov 2, 2018, 9:52 AM by Lee Church

Our Sunday school students are exploring the use of prayer through the lens of our “I Will Be With You We” theme. We have used the scriptures from the lectionary to focus on the many ways prayer touches our lives and helps us touch the lives of others.


 We have prepared prayer stations to pray for people who are sick, affected by natural disasters and those who help them. Students are also learning how prayer can help us stay close to God despite the many distractions our lives present. I’ve particularly enjoyed the mornings when some of our older students where present to assist the elementary students. I hope this cooperation continues to expand as we complete more prayer stations this month.


We’ll also be ready to share some of these prayer stations with the rest of the congregation. Take a few moments to experience prayer as we have


through creating our prayer stations. Perhaps the perspective of our youth will help you reach God in ways you have never considered.


Since key members of our teaching staff have not been able to return this year, we really need some more adult and teen help. While I love stepping back into the classroom to help teach, it is difficult to meet the administrative needs at the same time. Our students would have a much more rewarding experience if our teaching staff grows along with them. Please consider sharing your time and talents with our youth whenever you are able.


Giving thanks to God,

Jill Paré, Director of Christian Education