November 2016

posted Nov 2, 2016, 8:26 AM by Lee Church

As we enter this season of gratefulness, I would like to thank my current Sunday school staff members. Katherine Moore has rededicated herself to our youngest 8:30 Sunday school students for another year. She has also cheerfully welcomed older students to participate in or assist with her class while we await additional volunteers to join our staff. Nancy MacLean and Kim Rydsewski have stepped in to teach our middle schoolers and young elementary students during the 10:30 service. Krystin Hocevar, Linda Martin, Tom Landry and Michael Paré have also volunteered their time as substitutes this fall. I hope you take a moment to thank them for their invaluable contributions to our community. The kids love to share their completed projects and new realizations with me during and after their classes. Their smiles and enthusiasm are a clear demonstration of the impact our Sunday school teachers are having on their students. They are blessed by the service of these caring adults.

This month our middle school students will have the opportunity to help with the upcoming Holiday Festival. They have been asked to help create cat toys to sell at the pet table. If your church organization has any other way that our students can help support our church with their talents, please speak to me. I will help with those arrangements. I really would like our young members to become more familiar with the many ways they can be a part of our church community.

Thank you for helping our young people recognize that they are not just the future of our church, but they are truly integral to the present active life of Lee Church Congregational.

 Blessings abound,

Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education