November 2015

posted Oct 30, 2015, 7:32 AM by Lee Church   [ updated Oct 30, 2015, 7:34 AM ]

November is a time in New Hampshire when we all begin to get more comfortable in our more regular routines and cozy layers as we head out into the crisp air. Our Sunday school classes are settling in to learn more about the early chapters of John, strengthening their faith, and enjoying friendships with their classmates.  I love to travel among the classrooms where I see smiling faces, laughter, creativity, and hear our students sharing stories from their lives and insight into the scripture we are examining. While our teachers use our lessons to shape their approach each week, they often tell me how the students contribute so many great thoughts and ideas. Classroom discussions are just as frequently guided by the young people in the class in directions we adults may not have anticipated. We are still having to group our elementary and middle school classes together during our 10:30 service, so please consider joining this great team as another teacher for our youth. They will quickly make you feel as comfortable as your favorite fall sweater and perhaps help you see your own faith in a whole new way. 

Our youth group welcomed new members on our annual event at the Coppal House Farm corn maze and a fabulous evening bonfire hosted by Marianne and Jim Banks. Now they are ready to step back into a schedule of faith, service, fundraising and fun! These teens gather around the youth room couches, the church kitchen, people in need, the hallways, athletic fields, and auditoriums of their schools, and even on Facebook. We see them find support for all the ups and downs they experience, using their YG leaders, parents, Pastor Gail, mentors, and one another as a family of faith. They are truly demonstrating how to shine God’s light in many parts of their lives.  

May God lead your path, 

Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education 

Here are some November dates to note:

1st - Fifth graders serve Communion

8th - Single 9:30 service and Sunday school & Youth Group holiday fair crafting

15th - Youth Group holiday fair crafting & High school class assists with 2nd service Coffee Hour

21st - Lee Church Holiday Fair (volunteers needed)

22nd - Hanging of the Greens & Youth Group visit to Kirkwood Corners

30th - Youth Group begins Little Caesar’s fundraiser