November 2013

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:48 PM by Henry McTague

Sunday school is off to a great start! Thank you filling out your registration forms timely! If you have not already filled yours out you can print them from the church website or see one of our Superintendents (Michael Pare or Gloria Quigley). We offer Sunday school for grades K-8 at both services and 9-12 at the 8:30 service. Each Sunday brings a new lesson from the Bible. We currently use Grow, Proclaim, Serve as a curriculum.  This month we will be studying and learning about:


Nov 3rd: 1 Kings 16:29-30 Elijah and the Ravens
Nov 10th: 1 Kings 18:20-39 Elijah and the Prophets
Nov 17th: IN WORSHIP
Nov 24th:

Grades 6-8th

Nov 3: 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Anointing David
Nov 10th: 1 Kings 6:1-38
Nov 17th: IN WORSHIP
Nov 24th: 2 Chr 36:11-23; Neh 1:1-11 Jerusalem is Destroyed

Grades 9-12

Nov 3rd: In Worship
Nov 10th: Discussion about Scripture from Worship-Nov 3
Nov 17th: IN WORSHIP
Nov 24th: Claim the Life “Belonging”

Youth Group is in full swing! We are excited to offer the opportunity for youth to connect with each other throughout the year! We have many mission projects, games, and activities planned for the upcoming year. Here is the schedule for


November 2nd: 630-8pm Gingerbread House structural planning (Youth Group Room)
November 16th: 630-8pm Pet Crafts Holiday Fair (Youth Group Room)
November 23rd: Holiday Fair at church sign-up for a time to sell the crafts we make!
November 24th: 12-4pm (Bowling) cost $10.00

We hope to see you there!! Don’t forget to bring a friend!

Teaching is a rewarding way to share your faith. We are always welcoming new people to teach our children! If you feel called to teach, either as a substitute or as a teacher, please see Jennifer Bennett to find out more. All gifts and levels are welcome! If you feel more comfortable we can have you shadow an existing teacher to get to know the children and learn about how we use the curriculum to teach children about God.

Nursery is available for babies to preschool at the 10:30 service. We are open to offering this at the 8:30 service when we see the need. If you are interested in volunteering in the nursery please see Jennifer Bennett.

Attendance counts! We are very excited that families are using the make-up work option for attendance purposes! This is a great way for families to connect to the Scriptures during the week.

We offer an opportunity for children to do “make-up” work if they miss a Sunday to count towards the attendance award presented in June. The lesson will be sent home for completion and a parent needs to sign-off on it and then must be returned the next Sunday to get credit! This does not replace the classroom setting, but allows for understanding when the need arises for your family to miss a Sunday.

Andrew & Nicholas Berthiaume would like to thank our Church Family for helping them go to summer camp. Nicholas stated, “I had so much fun there. I also learned a lot about God and Jesus.” Andrew stated, “I had an awesome time there and met a lot of new friends. I sang songs that I did not know about.” Check out the whole Thank You Cards on the CE bulletin board!

Your generation donations help our children experience God through the camp environment. Contributions can be given to the church anytime, just put CE Summer Camp Fund on the memo line of your check.

November 24th is the Hanging of the Greens. Join us in creating a church-wide Gingerbread House to be entered into a contest on December 7th at UNH sponsored by On- Belay Inc. The Youth Group will be planning the structure of the House and each person in our church family can contribute to the final House. On-Belay is a non-profit which provides a unique adventure based program that builds a community among youth who have or have family members with cancer. (website: