November 2012

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:45 PM by Henry McTague
 We are surrounded by the beautiful transitions of autumn in our trees, our temperatures, and the anticipation of fall and winter holidays.  May we all be able to take some time to enjoy the special moments that these changing seasons bring to us and remember to say a prayer of thankfulness.  

Sunday School:
Our classes are progressing steadily with the help of many caring volunteers who are eagerly sharing their time, knowledge, and faith with the younger members of our church.  Children in our Preschool classes through the 5th grade will attend the beginning of our church service in the sanctuary every week through Children’s Time.  6th-8th graders will begin each Sunday within their classroom, to provide time for more in-depth lessons and conversations.  3-8th graders will return to church to participate in Communion on the 1st Sunday of each month.  We’d like to share an important note of gratitude for all of our volunteers who are working so hard to enrich the lives of the children in our church.    
 CE will be holding a community seder for the entire congregation on Saturday, October 27th at 7:00pm.  We invite you to join us in Fellowship Hall for this community event and celebration.  Sharing the experience of this tradition at the root of our Communion ritual should prove to be a valuable evening of education and fellowship for all who are able to attend.

Communion Class:
 Communion class will be held on Saturday,November 3rd from 9am-noon at the home of Pastor Gail. They will prepare the Communion elements and then, on Sunday, November 4th, the 5th grade children will assist with servicing Communion at both services.  All children in grade 5 are welcome in Communion class.  If you have an older child that would like to participate, please see Pastor Gail or a CE Committee member.    

6-12th graders
- Youth Group had their first meeting last month at Coppal House Farm with a tour of the corn maze and a bonfire prepared by Jim Meyers. There was a wonderful turnout and they had a great time together!  The possibilities of connection and growth that these youth will create is so exciting for us as we see our Youth Group take off.  Members of our Youth Group also assisted with October’s church supper.  Please let Judy Belanger or Kris Tonkin know about any other ideas you have for our Youth Group to help serve our community or to simply have a great time together.  If your 6-12th grader did not receive an invitation, please contact the church so that you can be included in the upcoming fun!  There is a sign-up sheet on the CE bulletin board of Fellowship Hall to provide your accurate contact information.

9-12th grade Sunday School
- This class will begin on November 4th and will be held the first Sunday of each month during the 8:30am service.  Students will begin church in their classroom and conclude by sharing Communion with the congregation.

Hanging of Greens:
 We are planning this annual tradition to occur on Sunday, November 25th. Please check in upcoming church bulletins for details.   We welcome any parents or other interested adults who would like to assist the children with this fun activity.  It is a fun way to help our youth mark the beginning Advent with our church community.

 We have 5 Confirmands participating in our Confirmation class this year with their mentors.  Led by Pastor Gail, our 1st class was held on October 21st.  The work they do together over several months will provide many opportunities for our students to learn about, strengthen, and deepen their growing faith.  

Nursery:  Please take a moment to see the beautiful mural that Courtney Dionne painted for our youngest members to make our nursery a more cheerful gathering place for them. Thank you to
Courtney the all our other nursery volunteers for making this program an important piece of our welcoming, caring church community.

Thanks for your continued support for the CE program.  Please feel free to contact any of us on the CE Committee personally or via our email,    

In God’s love,

The Christian Education Committee
(Krista Butts, Jill Paré, Linda Hoff, Darlene Bernier, Judy Belanger, Kris Tonkin, and Carlee Beck)