May 2019

posted Jun 10, 2019, 6:06 AM by Lee Church

Along with you we’ve spent our weeks of lent slowing down to make time and space to connect with God. Using our creativity to make God Boxes, we can write down our concerns and “send” them to God, knowing He will help us. Our glitter jars and 5-4-3-2-1 countdowns relax our busy minds, so we can focus on Jesus. Did you get one of our handmade palms on Palm Sunday to remind to take a rest? The students enjoyed distributing these personal mementos to you. Hopefully our focus from lent will help all of us remember to take time for Jesus in our hectic lives. 

Now that we have had our Easter celebration, the Sunday school year is beginning to wind down. I am really looking forward to the plans we have for our Children’s Sunday service on June 2nd. This year our classes have found several unique ways to reach out to God this through prayer, creativity, and slowing down in our overcrowded lives. Each student will further explore the activity or scripture that meant the most to their personal faith. Students will spend class time in May finding the best way to share these experiences with the congregation on Children’s Sunday. We will also feature an all-age full congregation art show in Fellowship Hall on June 2nd. Please feel free to bring your own creative projects from home to be featured as part of the display. Our Children’s Sunday will be a fun morning to come together and glorify God for his gifts of creativity and faith.

Resting in his care,

 Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education

May 5: Sunday school students help develop Children’s Sunday service

May 12: Sunday school preparations for Children’s Sunday service

May 19th: Sunday school rehearsal for Children’s Sunday service

May 26th: Café Church (may use time to rehearse Children’s Sunday)

June 2: Children’s Sunday service! @9:30 am

June 9: Confirmation service  @9:30 am

June, July, August: Summer Journeys with Jesus at home and beyond...