May 2017

posted Jun 23, 2017, 8:59 AM by Lee Church

Christian Education Springs into May 

Our eager Sunday school students are bringing their spring energy into the sanctuary and our classrooms each week. It’s so much fun to watch them find new ways to learn about their relationship with God and share that growth with one another. I hope they are bringing some of that knowledge home to their family and friends during the week.

Physically our world is transforming from the cold winter pause into a bright, colorful spring. Emotionally our youth are experiencing the culminating moments of one school year as they look forward to those next steps on the horizon. This can lead to lots of extra excitement and some anxiety. Our children are blessed to have support from loved ones around them at home, at school, and from their Lee Church family as they explore their changing world.

Sunday school classes will begin to prepare for our Children’s Sunday which is just around the corner. Their teachers work closely with them to structure the entire service. That day most of the service is lead by students with support from the teaching staff. Our students love to bring some of their classroom growth and antics to our sanctuary on that special Sunday. I know this year will hold many special moments for all of us.

Below I’ve provided an overview of the next several weeks to help families keep track of our special events. I hope this will be useful to you in this busy season of beginnings and endings. 

Christian Education schedule 

May 7- Regular Sunday school classes for elementary and middle school

10:30 high school class taught by Judy Belanger

May 14- Regular Sunday school classes for elementary and middle school

Mother’s Day  Breakfast 9:30

May 21- Regular Sunday school classes for elementary and middle school

8:30 high school class taught by Shawn and Melanie Banker

May 28- Memorial Day weekend

Single 9:30 service, One room Sunday school for middle and elementary students

June 4- Confirmation Service (single 9:30 service)

Regular Sunday school classes available for elementary and middle school

(Students may stay in sanctuary to watch Confirmation, especially siblings of confirmands)

June 11- Music Sunday

Regular Sunday school classes make final preparations for Children’s Sunday

8:30 high school class taught by Gilles Dionne

June 18- Children’s Sunday (single 9:30 service)

Youth lead service

Junior Bells perform

Special presentation from children with Roxanne O’Connor

June 25- Regular summer schedule--One service @9:30

No Sunday school classes until September


Brightest blessings,


Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education