March 2017

posted Jun 23, 2017, 8:56 AM by Lee Church

Along with the congregation, our Sunday school classes spent the month of February getting better acquainted with the Ten Commandments. Crayons, paint, popsicle sticks, markers, plates, bowls and marbles helped us play games, create crafts, display our bulletin board, and decorate posters to help us remember God’s guidance. We learned how helpful rules can be even if they are sometimes hard to follow. It’s always fun to witness these young minds connect their days of cellphones, bus rides and sledding with those ancient words of the Old Testament. Even some of our teachers have a new perspective on how God works in our lives. 

Our high school students will have an exciting chance to view and discuss the movie, Risen, with Larry Kindberg as Lent begins in March. The movie explores the death and resurrection of Christ. Families should look for details in emails and the bulletins about when these classes will be held. The rest of our classes will learn more about the twelve disciples who followed Jesus and helped him spread his teachings throughout the world. 

Our staff still needs a few more adults to guide our young believers in the formation of their faith. Just as the Apostles learned from the word of God, the scripture and lessons will guide you--no theology expertise is required. The remaining positions are only once or twice a month, so it’s not a large commitment. Remember, we’d even take your help temporarily. (Perhaps you want to learn about the disciples in a new way with the students just in March.) Your faith and knowledge will strengthen along with the students. 

These are some current opportunities to join our Sunday school team:

-Our 8:30 elementary class could use a “sometimes” teacher. Michael Paré has really enjoyed spending his Sunday mornings with this small class, but there are times when he may need a substitute. Would you like to be spend a Sunday or two with them each month? They are creative, funny, and work very well together.

-Nancy McLean is doing a great job with our energetic 10:30 elementary class almost every Sunday, and I can’t wait until Mike Gregory finishes his Lee Church Child Safety Training so he can expand his biblical experience with our 10:30 middle school class . This group loves to play active games and are very eager to participate. 

Which of these classes would you like to help with one or two Sundays a month? -We’d love to have you observe a class that interests you or that your child attends. Also, please feel free to speak to our current teachers about how you could help them out. We’d love to involve more adults in our classroom activities.

May our blessing continue to grow,

Jill Paré

Director of Christian Education