June / July 2018

posted Jun 6, 2018, 10:41 AM by Lee Church
Beach Umbrella

Sign up for Secret Pals again this summer! Just send 2-4 postcards to your young Secret Pal to brighten up their mailbox and keep in touch during these busy months. In September we’ll have a special reception at church when our pals get to connect in person. This is a fun tradition started by Sheila Bennion and loved by all participants!

Sunday School House Clip Art
Don’t miss Children’s Sunday at 9:30 on June 17th. This will be our first official single service to begin the summer worship schedule. Our students and teachers are developing some creative ways to show you some of what they have learned during Sunday school this year. The Junior Bell Choir will perform for us and Roxanne is planning something special for our students to entertain our church family. This year’s theme is “Love in Action!” and each class is preparing their own contribution including a play by our 10:30 service students. I know the congregation will love to witness all the spiritual growth in our students. 
Sunday School Clip Art 9

We will not offer Sunday school classes over the summer. I will have age-appropriate activities available in the sanctuary for those young people who do attend during these warmer months. I would like to continue growing the size of our teaching staff next fall, so teachers can have some more time to also attend worship. As always, I am open to suggestions about how we can make our Sunday school program work better for your family and our church. Feel free to email me with ideas to help our youth. Please prayerfully consider how you can help our Sunday school program by helping with attendance, teaching 1-4 times a month, or helping in the nursery. It will truly enrich your faith!


May God lead your path,

Jill Paré,
Director of Christian Education