June / July 2013

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:47 PM by Henry McTague

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May has been a fun-filled month of service for our Youth Group! We had 9 youth from Youth Group participate in the Big Day of Serving in Nashua NH on May 4th!!! Alex Kumph, Ashley Berthiaume, Morgan Young, Zach Landry, Ben Landry, Adam Stevens, Samantha Clark, Shealyn Pare, and Isabelle Banker all took a full Saturday to be the hands and feet of Christ for others! This was an awesome experience and we want to share a couple of comments from the youth:

Samantha Clark, 8th grade states, “Community service-When I went on the Big Day of Serving trip we went to Nashua. We ended up working in an old skate boarding park. We re-painted the United States and five four square boxes.  While we were working a couple of younger kids came over and were really excited and were asking so many questions. The kids were so grateful and it was really nice to see so many little kids happy and smiling. It was a chance that I took and I had fun and helped the community. I feel like I really helped the world. I took the chance to help the community instead of helping my dad build a patio.”

Isabelle Banker, 10th grade states, “Participating in the Big Day of Serving was an amazing experience.  I was not expecting such a turnout from so many other Youth Groups around the area.  To be honest, I did not know the whole event was created to serve our Lord, for I thought our Youth Group was simply attending to clean up a neighborhood in Nashua, NH.  I was so surprised, yet excited, because I have never seen such a large group of children my age gathered to serve our Lord.  I am glad, because I know that there will always be children like me wishing to serve God and do the work we all wish to be done.  Overall, the experience was very happy and educational.  We were meeting new people, beautifying a community, and all together doing God's work.”

Our Youth Group also helped with the Plant Sale on May 17 and May 18th. A huge Thank You to Samantha Clark, Adam Stevens, Sam Belanger, and Josh Landry for helping our church serve others in the community with plants and food!

Upcoming Dates/ Activities for Youth Group:

June 1, 2013- 6:30-8:30 Movie Night

June 15, 2013- 6:30-8 Final event of season!

For the past several months our Sunday school has been planning for the upcoming Children’s Sunday and still sharing the Word of God with our younger brothers and sisters! Please take a moment to say “thank you” to these special people who encourage the spiritual learning of the children in our presence!

June 2 —regular Sunday school

June 9 —final Sunday school classroom time (two services)

June 16 —Practice for Children’s Sunday during worship (one service)

June 23 —Children’s Sunday @ 930 a.m.---This service is a time of celebration and recognition for the people in the community who have reached out and touched the lives of children in our presence through the various CE sponsored events/ activities. We hope to see you there!!

VBS: —July 8-12 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

July 14: —VBS special music in worship

Summer Sunday School- one room classroom (we would love to see you!!)

July 21: Summer Sunday school begins!

July 28: Summer Sunday school

August 4: Summer Sunday school

August 11: Summer Sunday school

August 18: Summer Sunday school

August 25: Summer Sunday school

At the time of this writing the Secret Pals program is almost ready to be started for the 10th year! June 9, 2013 is the cut-off date for youth/ adult sign-ups. This is a pen pal program to send letters/ cards to youth over the summer and in the fall there is a chance for the secret pals to meet and talk! What a gift and joy to share the love of Christ with others through your words and actions!

~~Jennifer Bennett, Director of Youth Ministry & CE Committee~~