February 2017

posted Feb 3, 2017, 12:37 PM by Lee Church

We returned to regular Sunday school classes in January with some great news! Kirsten Berthiaume has rejoined Katherine Moore for our 8:30 class. Until we have three or even four 8:30 teachers, there will be a single class for PreK-8th grade. I provide varied activities each week that will apply to the wide range of developmental ages. Katherine and Kirsten both have lots of experience with our Sunday school classes, so they could also provide a great guide for aspiring teachers interested in joining them.

Kim Rydzewski and Nancy MacLean are working wonders with our 10:30 classes.  They have adjusted well to the unpredictable class sizes, ready to combine their classes into one when student numbers are low, and specialize activities for appropriate ages when they separate into elementary and middle school rooms. I have enjoyed watching these incredible women get to know our students better and grow in their gifts as teachers. They would appreciate a couple more teachers to join them, so they can be available to share their other talents on various Sunday. Let me know if you’d like to partner with them. For now, our students have had a great time learning about the Beatitudes in January, and will explore the Ten Commandments throughout February.

I am so excited to have our high school classes back! We are blessed to have Melanie and Shawn Banker, Judy Belanger, and Gilles Dionne return to our teaching staff. They have created a rotating schedule offering class once or twice a month. These classes will focus on connecting the Bible to our high schoolers lives through thoughtful, current discussions. I know that the students familiar with these incredible teachers will be eager to join them and our new high schoolers will find new mentors among these adults in no time.

You will find our February class schedule below as well as posted on the CE bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. Look closely to see if there’s anywhere you can offer your help. Post your children’s classes in your calendar, so they know what to expect. You don’t want them miss out on their time with these special teachers. 

May you feel the blessing of God’s love, 

Jill Paré,
Director of Christian Education