Christian Education (January 2012)

posted Dec 18, 2014, 2:43 PM by Henry McTague
Happy New Year!!! The New Year brings new hope and memories of the past year. Take time to think back on the past year and enjoy your special memories. Two of my very special memories are the cruise with Bill’s mom to Nova Scotia to celebrate her 82nd birthday and my trip to NYC with my mom with a visit to Ellis Island, where my mom arrived from Scotland 85 years ago. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions to stop doing something, think of something that you would like to do better and add it to your daily prayers. 2012 is going to be a very exciting year for the Bennion family. Jon will be graduating from college in May and Nick and Courtney are getting married on August 10th. I feel very blessed. Enjoy every moment of 2012.

Living Nativity: Living Nativity was a success again this year. It is wonderful to see the children in their costumes and the live animals. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that make the day a success especially to Jill Pare for coordinating the Living Nativity, Brenda Brady-Porter for taking care of the costumes, Howie Hoff for the lighting, Jim Banks for the sound system, Dan Brady and Nick Bennion for putting up the Crèche and Barbara Mariacher for organizing the animals. Our baby Jesus was Jayden. This event always gets me into the spirit of the season.

Confirmation: There will be no Confirmation class as we only have one child in 8th grade and she will join next year’s class. Pastor Gail and I are taking the time to review and revise our Confirmation program.

VBS: After 13 years of great leadership, Janet Lottman has stepped down as Director of VBS. She has done a terrific job developing and leading the VBS each year. In addition, Diane Spires will be retiring as Minister of Music in June, so she will be also is retiring from the VBS program. We are so appreciative of all the hard work and dedication, which Janet and Diane have given to the VBS program over the last 13 years. They have been an inspiration to many children. CE is looking for volunteers to take over the leadership of the VBS program.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CE, please let me know.


Sheila Bennion

Christian Education Director